Virtual Islamic & Digital Banking

We have complete and very easy solution for Virtual Islamic / Digital Banking and different fintech products for Islamic banking including deposit and asset side for all requirements of clients.


Through our Digital Products on Deposit or investments, you can fulfill your different requirements as per your need.


Through our Digital Products on Deposit or investments, you can fulfill your different requirements as per your need.

Our Services

Islamic Fintech Services

Following services can easily be provided through our digital banking solutions.


(Buy Now Pay Later)

Greensfin offers a one of a kind Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service in which our customers are able to avail credit on sales transactions which is normally executed through Murabhah or...


(Equal Monthly Installments)

Another premium service is Greensfin’s Equal Monthly Installments (EMI) which represents sale on fixed installments and executed through Musawamah or Murabahah as...


(Digital Running Finance)

Greensfin’s digital running finance opens up a short-term Islamic financing avenue leveraging online platforms and mobile apps for a seamless process. Here Tijarah or Diminishing...


(Digital Home Financing)

Greensfin introduces an amazing home financing product which provides our clients an excellent way to acquire their dream property through the easiest digital borrowing of money with...


(Digital Islamic Credit Cards)

Grensfin’s digital Islamic credit cards have freed our clients from the conventional interest (riba) laden ones. Our top of the line product allows the borrowing of money with a...


(Digital Islamic Charge Cards)

Working as a pre-paid credit, the Islamic charge card is just like a debit card. Our clients spend as they feel once loading the amount that they actually have or deposited...


(Digital Trade Finance)

Greensfin’s globally attractive digital trade finance boosts international trade transactions like letters of credit, import and export financing Here the banks provide these trade...


(Digital Sukuk)

Greensfin introduces digital Sukuk- a Sharia-compliant financing instrument offered 100% digitally We bring our clients the best with the convenience and efficiency of digital...


(Digital Ijarah)

Greensfin has made Islamic leasing agreements and fixed assets long term financing through Ijarah super easy. Now, via swift online platforms and mobile apps our clients...


(Digital Project FInance)

Greensfin has simplified the procurement of large scale project finance through its incredible use of technology. It has streamlined and synced the digital project finance with the Islamic...


(Digital Microfinance)

Greensfin has truly brought ease into the lives of low income segments and entrepreneurs through the delivery of fast paced digital financial services Digital Microfinance...


(Digital Invoice Factoring)

Greesnfin offers an unbeatable service of digital invoice factoring wherein the businesses are able to sell their unpaid invoices to the banks at a discount to minimize their...


(Digital SMEs Financing)

Greesnfin has revolutionized the funding of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Now, securing the funds has never been easier through online platforms and digital networks...


(Digital Supply Chain Financing)

Greensfin uncovers another spectacular avenue through its digital supply chain financing. This covers our clients’ costs related to supply chain, such as inventory purchases or...


(Digital Invoicing & Receivable Financing)

Greensfin introduces another wow service for its clients digital invoicing financing, also referred to as digital receivables financing which is essentially a way for...


(Digital Consumer Financing)

Greensfin unravels digital consumer financing which runs on online platforms and technology to deliver financing products and other financial services directly to our...


(Digital Merchant Vendor Financing)

Greensfin brings forth merchant financing - a financing option specifically designed for businesses to purchase equipment, inventory or services from a vendor...


(Digital Lines of Credit)

Greensfin offers yet another amazing line of credit which allows borrowers to access funds up to a predetermined limit. Borrowers are able to withdraw funds as needed and only pay rate...


(Digital Earned Products)

Greensfin uncovers digital earned products - liabilities products being tracked and managed digitally. The revolutionary range lists rates accrued on deposits but not yet paid to...